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Buy the physical CD

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Buy the physical CD

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Sulinha's music is cool, sophisticated and FUN! Top of the line songs and sounds from around the world for children from any world. A must have for your school or family music library.

Mr Billy (children's music singer/songwriter) 
Author of 12 cds in 12 months. 2012


A wonderful teaching tool for music education classes, it will be useful for general listening as well. An essential purchase.

Kirsten Martindale
Formerly Menomonie Public Library, WI 
School library journal 2008


It's something that I find I want to listen to again.....and again.


Rick Charette

With a jazzy, mature sound to her vocals, Sulinha is cool, composed, and never forced when singing. Arrangements are spare, with just the right mix of acoustic guitar, percussion, and occasional electric guitar or bass.


Stephanie Bange –Wright State University 
Dayton, OH – School library Journal


I really like the gentle vibe and your voice is beautiful! Great songs, too. It's beautifully produced, honest and beautiful. Well done!


Judy Pancoast

Grammy Nominee "Best Children's Album" 2011