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Library and Pre-School Sing-a-longs

Sulinha's trio picture 2.PNG

Sulinha's trio performs  educational children’s music influenced by traditional Brazilian music.  You will hear Itzy Bitzy spider in a Bossa Nova beat, as well as many original songs with topics that matter to children like brushing teeth, counting, the 4 seasons, and crossing the street. The program engages the audience as well through interactive songs and dancing songs.The trio uses traditional instruments from their native country like Berimbau, Cuica, pandeiro and Surdo. Sulinha received the Parents Choice Award for her two previous albums.

If you would like more information, please contact me.

Sulinha for kids trio with Eduardo Mercuri and Julio Santos

We always enjoy having Sulinha come to our library. We love to sing and dance to her music and it's always a fun time for children to get to see Sulinha, Julio and Eduardo play instruments and connect with the audience. We look forward to having them in the future.

Maija Meadows, Youth Program Librarian, Boston Public library, Boston MA

Fox library performance

Wonderful music! Great lyrics, guitar playing, and I love your singing. It's so natural and uplifting. You made me smile and laugh all day! Such a positive, charming, funny songs for kids. And i loved all the little interjections of sounds, kids, animals. For me, it is a perfect example of what children's music should be. Positive, happy, imaginative, filled with good feelings, and about subjects that are just right for kids. I was so happy to hear it.                                                                                     

Michael Lewin, Boston Conservatory and Berklee professor and one of America's most gifted concert pianists performing to acclaim in over 30 countries

Kids sing-a-long

Sulinha has been part of our sing-a-long crew for many years. We always know that when Sulinha is here there will be tons of toe tapping fun. Sulinha brings joy and jazz to classic children's music as well as some of her own originals.

Pam Watts, Head of children's services 

Robbins Library, Arlington MA

Kids sing-a-long

Sulinha has been performing at the Fox library in East Arlington for over fifteen years. She is a crowd favorite and continues to WOW us with her soothing melodies as well as upbeat dance songs. Sulinha's performances draw over a hundred people from the community. She brings the most magical instruments and accompanying artists. "Alligator in the Elevator" is an absolute audience favorite!

Emily Canniff, Branch Librarian, Fox Library , Arlington MA

The performance your trio delivered was outstanding. Infusing Brazilian rhythms and instruments into children's music is both original and familiar.  Not only are you all immensely talented musicians, you are also remarkably on target for this age group.You had our 2-6 years-old moving to the beat and singing along for the duration of the program. Thank you for working with us, we hope to have you back in the future. 

Katie Clark, Cambridge Ellis school MA

You are so talented and your music simultaneously shows so much talent and is so much fun to listen to. It's always so great to have you at our library. I am looking forward to having you and your trio again soon.

Deborah Borsuk, Coordinator of Children's Services

Belmont public library MA

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